The Harvest Herald is a ministry committed to proclaiming the truth about Jesus Christ and his wonderful purposes for mankind through a fresh and diligent study of the Scriptures. It is not affiliated with any group. We affirm neither man-made dogma nor creed but seek to uphold the Scriptures alone as the sole rule for all matters of belief and practice.

We believe that mainstream Christianity has erred concerning many fundamental doctrines which have caused untold damage to the body of Christ.  We believe that these doctrines crept into the church after the deaths of Christ’s Apostles and are the fulfillment of the great apostasy of which they warned.

We reject the following which we believe to be deviations from the apostolic faith once delivered to the saints:

I:  The Trinity.  We believe that this doctrine is an aberration and is contrary to the direct scriptural revelation which explicitly and repeatedly declares the oneness and unity of God.

II. The inherent immortality of the human soul.  Mankind’s only hope for life beyond the grave lies in the promise of the resurrection without which we would utterly perish.  The doctrine of the soul’s immortality was grafted into Christianity through the influence of pagan Greek philosophy and introduces error and confusion which infects nearly every other area of Christian doctrine.

III. The doctrine of eternal torment.  While the doctrine of a future judgment is explicitly taught in the scriptures, we reject the doctrine of an eternal hell as a pagan myth and a blight upon Christendom.  This doctrine slanders the Creator who the scriptures declare to be perfect in love, beauty, and wisdom.


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